Sun and Moon Take Turns

Description: When the daytime and nighttime animals on Earth get tired of Sun and Moon’s constant bickering over who should rule the world, they hold competitions―a cookout and a race―to determine the winner once and for all. But when neither the “night” team nor the “day” team wins in a fair way, how will they fix their problem? This beautifully illustrated story teaches kids respect for nature’s rhythms and each other. It includes a guide that helps parents and teachers explain the science of Earth’s day-and-night cycles in simple language. (Schiffer Kids)

Horace Mann Upstanders Book Award Children’s Literature Nominee

The Finney 411 “Favorite” Book list

Four Starred Review by Babybookworms’ Story Wraps

“This beautifully illustrated story reads like a fable…Along the way, young readers find out more about all of the things that the sun and moon provide for us…In addition to telling a tale about the sun and moon, the story is also a metaphor for problem solving and co-operation among people. This can open up a good discussion for children and their adults about compromise and working together”-Joyce’s Mystery and Fiction Book Reviews

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