A Guide to Southern Arizona’s Historic Farms and Ranches


About the book: Experience southwestern heritage, culture and cuisine while learning to rope and herd cattle, trail ride through the wilderness or make prickly pear syrup. With roots dating back to the mid-1800s, Southern Arizona’s historic guest ranches and farm stays include Spain’s first mission in the continental United States, a former World War II prison camp, a boys’ boarding school and a Butterfield Stagecoach stop. Intimately connected to Arizona’s land and legacy, these unparalleled retreats have hosted countless artists, movie stars and politicians and continue to enrich their present-day communities through food, education and conservation. Pack your bags and join travel writer Lili DeBarbieri for a journey into the rural west south of the Gila River.

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Praise for A Guide to Southern Arizona’s Historic Farms & Ranches:

“A treasure” –Western Writers of America

“Lili DeBarbieri has captured the depth and breadth of Southern Arizona’s amazing ‘rustic Southwest retreats’ in this detailed, amusing and well researched book. I’ve lived in Arizona for 46 years and she found places I’d never heard of! I was immediately taken with this gem. If you like history or good recipes or great old photographs, this book is a must read.” —Sharon Holzman-Cox, Library & Information Sciences Professional

“…a fascinating mix of farming and ranching with history and culture.” —writes Lynne Trimble, award-winning journalist and blogger

“This book is a beautifully written and photographed resource for travelers and historians. DeBarbieri (librarian, travel writer and photographer) takes the reader on a journey into the rural American West (south of the Gila River) exploring ranches, haciendas, and farms while educating about food, art, conservation, agriculture and wildlife. There are ghost stories, recipes, black and white photos and stories of the people living on the land. Twenty two ranches or guesthouses are featured in separate chapters, which include contact information and an explanation of the accommodations.” —Book News Inc.

“Ready for a vacation but undecided where? This spryly written vacation catalog will not only put you in the mood but will tell you where to spend an unforgettable day or week pampered at a southern Arizona guest ranch or farm…Very tempting!” —Bill Broyles, Southwestern Subjects Specialist & Reviewer, Southwest Books of the Year

“…Tucson native Lili DeBarbieri offers a remarkable guidebook of noteworthy sites along the hot, dusty desert trails. Among the highlights are the first Spanish mission in the continental United States, the Butterfield Stagecoach stop, and rustic retreats that have hosted visits from movie stars, artists and world leaders. There’s a lot more to see south of the Gila River than cactus and scorpions.” —Cowboys & Indians

“This rendering by Lili DeBarbieri is a highly informative revue of more than 20 local ranches, B&Bs and farms that provide outlets for the public to have an on-site experience. The range of livestock and agricultural operations, past and present, is entertaining and informative…” —Scott Dykes, Green Valley News (read more)

“This is a book that will be of great use to lots of different people. From western history buffs to travelers looking for a great place to stay, as well as locals who want to either place visiting family and friends somewhere more interesting than a chain hotel or take off for a unique weekend themselves, DeBarbieri gives 22 great options for all of the above.” —Southern Arizona News-Examiner (read more)

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