School Visits


Lili is extremely proud to be part of Authors for Earth Day, a grassroots coalition of award-winning children’s authors and illustrators from around the globe who foster literacy and environmental awareness through bringing children’s book creators to libraries and classrooms.


Drawing on eclectic experiences travelling abroad and in biological field research, Lili offers engaging, multi media school visits to K-12 audiences sharing “behind the scenes” stories, original art and non edited drafts:

For younger audiences, she has a presentation on the ecology and behavior of dune wildlife which includes an interactive read-aloud, travel photography and an art activity. For older students and larger audiences, she focuses on the challenges of the writing and publishing process.

lili-debarbieri-1Lili loves to spend time chatting with students about their own dreams and goals during a Q & A portion to follow and/or a book signing if requested.


1/2 day visit–150.00


**Please contact me for current out of state rates

Presentations are designed to support state standards and your lesson plans in history, science, social studies, reading, writing and art while contributing much needed funds to conservation organizations.

Organizations supported so far:

Southwest Wildlife Conservation Center

Presentation activities and subject matter can always be tailored to your needs.