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 Farm Traveler blog for Hobby Farms: 


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Taos, New Mexico

A sample of other writing:


“In Kent Country: The Evolution of a Farmhouse” City to Country Magazine.

“Giffords leads Tucson shooting memorial.” Sydney Morning Herald for Agence France Press.

“Unfathomable City: A New Orleans Atlas” Reference Reviews.

“Savoring Savannah” DeSoto Magazine.

“Rise of the Clones” Edible Baja Magazine.

“Coyotes on Our Doorstep.” Montana Naturalist.

“Willa Cather’s Birthplace for Sale.” Preservation Nation.

“California’s Big Sur.” Fine Books and Collections. 

“Bella Alabama.” Alabama Living.

“Ethical Travel: Where is Tourism Headed?” Earth Island Journal.

“Down on the Farm Stay.” E/The Environmental Magazine.


Contributing researcher: Turner’s book is True West Magazine’s Best of the West in Travel History



 Writer for Madden Media publications.


Manno_cover.inddRead Lili’s essay on her experiences researching prairie dogs and predators of Bryce Canyon National Park in best-selling Amazon title and # 1 new release “The Utah Prairie Dog: Legend of the Red Rocks”



Book Review: The Outdoor Emergency Medical Handbook (Firefly Books)

Bella Thorne may have you covered for glamping but for heartier trips I’d recommend The Outdoor Medical Emergency Handbook: First Aid for Travelers, Backpackers & Adventurers by Dr. Spike Briggs and Dr. Campbell Mackenzie recently published by Firefly Books.

This title is an authoritative one stop for all your emergency needs, questions and queries while on any expedition with detailed resources. The book is not only fascinating but meticulously put together. I was impressed with the array of information provided for travelers and adventurers and the general readability of the text as well.

The guide is well organized and compact making it accessible to the reader without a medical background and convenient to travel with to many a hiking, wilderness camping or even glamping destination. Also well done were the illustrations and visuals accompanying charts and specific emergency situations that travelers will most likely encounter from minor issues to severe and serious injuries. 

There are comprehensive recommendations for what to pack for emergency situations that the average person would most likely encounter.

With the timeliness of this publication (it coincides with our National Park Service’s celebration of its centennial), the book will leave readers of any age or experience in a wilderness setting with sufficient confidence and knowledge to address and prevent emergencies in the outdoors for a day, week or more extended period of time.